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Photos of Awaiting Couples, Birthmothers, Children, Families
These are some of the Adopting Angels couples awaiting adoption or enjoying their new "families".

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"mama" and "papa" with kids on papa's birthday!

Melanie and Tim have known each other for 20 years

Melanie, Ryan, and Dillon at Mama and Papa's during Christmas

Kids Vacation at Tweetsie

Family is very important to us. Every year we have a family reunion at Occonee State Park.

Trip to Virginia Beach with cousins.

Sundays are reserved for Family Day. We go to visit grandparents, play in the park, go out to eat, and lots of fun stuff.

MATCHED THROUGH LINK ADOPTIONS--BABY GIRL DUE ANYTIME NOW!!! CONGRATULATIONS Tom and Robin have known each other for about 17 years. We met through mutual friends and our relationship evolved from being friends to soul mates and we married on January 14, 1993 after a long courtship. We have a very stable and loving marriage that would only strengthen with the addition of a child. We always wanted a child and to be a "Family" and instantly knew that adoption was our answer to achieve the "Big Picture". Through the love and support of both our families we believe we can raise a child with the strongest of moral and Christian values.

Rick and Sandra look forward to: Bedtime stories, Walks with the dog, Playing on the swings, The first day of school, Hide and Seek, Reciting the ABC’s (over & over & over), Going to the beach, Building a snowman, Training wheels, Taking pictures with Mickey at Disney, our child picking us flowers on our land, the feeling we get when a little hand reaches up for ours, shopping together, and, too many others to mention !

MATCHED-BABY DUE ANYTIME NOW-CONTRATULATIONS Tom, Madelyn, and Hunterare a loving, christian family looking to adopt. We would love to give your child lots of attention, kisses, and hugs. We have a baby's room ready and waiting.

MATCHED THROUGH LINK ADOPTIONS-BABY DUE MAY 1--CONGRATULATIONS Tammie and KenParents are placed on earth to love, to guide, to give support and to teach right from wrong, not only in our words but in our actions, for children learn not by what they're told, but what they see. Though we don't claim to have all the answers in raising a child, we certainly have all the love possible to give one and are enthusiastic to become parents

MATCHED THROUGH LINK--BABY GIRL BORN JULY 12, 2001Natalie and Jeffwant you to know that we have a strong, healthy marriage founded on our love for the Lord Jesus Christ and each other. We believe that a child is a precious gift from God and we can't wait to share our lives with a child. As parents our goal will be to raise our child in a Christian home with lots of love and affection

CONGRATULATIONS- MATCHED THROUGH LINK--Baby Girl due in October!!Steve and Tara God truly brought us together for we are more than just husband and wife; we are best friends. We love each other, as we love the Lord.

Steve and Tara feel children are a blessing from God, and we cherish each day that we are able to share our abundant love with them.On November 12, 1999, we were blessed with the adoption of our son, Brendan, through The Link Adoption. What a joyous addition he is to our family and what a wonderful gift from God he is.

Jim and Mindy Although they have spent many years caring for the needs of children, their desire is to complete their family by bringing a child into their home to love and raise with God's guidance

We are Cindy, Curtis and Michael a Christian, Caucasian family in the Atlanta, Georgia area. After years of trying to have a second child, we realize that Adoption is our only answer to complete our family. By learning about us and our family, we hope that you will find in us, the loving, nurturing family that you are searching for as Adoptive parents for your child.

Bill, Laurie, Phelica While you must be scared and are facing some tough decisions, please know that we admire you for your choice and that this is true love for your little angel. We hope that after you read this letter, that you will feel like you know us a little better.

Bill and Shannon are wishing to adopt a beautiful child and are in search of a birthmother. We are a stable, loving, Christian couple who will raise your child in the Lord and will hug them tight and protect them everyday for the rest of their lives. If anyone is interested, we offer a lifetime of love and understanding for your child. Please let us love your child. Love In Christ, Bill and Shannon Please don't hesitate to call collect 248-437-9893.

Nancy, Bryan, and Emily are searching for our second child, having adopted a beautiful daughter (Emily) two and a half years ago. We would embrace either an open or closed adoption, which ever suits your needs. The adoption of a second child would complete our dream of having our family. Adopting Emily was the most incredible experience of our lives and we are now ready to share our lives with another baby.

Kim and Brian We have a strong belief in God as the guiding force in our lives.We are committed to enjoying an open adoption with you, to whatever degree you feel comfortable with. We realize that things change as life goes on and we will strive to always do our best when it comes to keeping in touch as the years pass. We feel very strongly that our child should know her/his birthmother (parents), because you will always be a part of their life.

Rick, Sandra, and Nephew Brett We are looking forward to midnight feedings and diaper changes, first steps and first words, and sharing every moment as our new child discovers the world. In the end, adoption means that we can see the dreams we have always had coming true right before our eyes.

MATCHED--BABY BOY DUE IN AUGUST!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!Jeremy and Kristen eagerly await the arrival of a baby in our lives. Due to some infertility issues we have been unsuccessful in conceiving a child of our own. Through adoption we can finally have the family we've always dreamed of. Wanting very much to be parents, we came to the decision that adoption is the best way for us to start our family!

Dee, Pete, and Conner As a couple we are very committed to each other and share it with our son. Our family and friends are very supportive of our decision to adopt again and will be as excited and happy as we are when we have a sister or brother for Connor. It's difficult to describe our whole life on paper but we hope we shared with you enough to show that we have a lot to share with another child. Please call us at home day or night.

Ron and KellyOur relationship is very loving and supportive and continues to grow each day. We attribute our happiness to similar interests, trust, honesty, fun and especially family. We feel the only thing greater than being in a wonderful relationship, is having children to share our lives with.







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